La Madeleine

  • St Michel, the no. 1 for traditional pastry products*.
  • The tea break is sacred, and always with one madeleine!
  • Try a Madeleine and a glass of milk : it is always a good idea!
La Madeleine

Our moist Madeleine cakes are made using the traditional French recipe dating back to 1755. 
A simple and authentic recipe prepared with premium quality ingredients: Eggs, French wheat flour from sustainable sources, with no palm oil.
Individually wrapped to enjoy on the go.  

150g, 250g, 600g

The story of
St Michel's Madeleine


Created in the 18th century, the famous Madeleine owes its name to the young girl who baked these delicious cakes for Stanislas, King of Lorraine, in 1755 in Commercy (France).


Since 1986, St Michel has continued the tradition and our Madeleines are still produced in Commercy today.