Butter Galettes

  • The no. 1 for biscuits in France*.
  • The Galette’s love is transmitted from generation to generation!
  • The French share it around a coffee with their friends and neighbours.
Butter Galettes

The brand’s iconic St Michel biscuit was created in 1905. Since then, its historic, buttery recipe has remained unchanged to retain its unique taste. Everyone loves this golden,rich and crunchy butter biscuit.

52g, 130g pack

The no. 1 for biscuits in France*.
*Source Nielsen distributor panels YTD P07 2019



Galettes St Michel are made in our family’s biscuit factory in the west of France : Saint Michel Chef Chef.
There was once in the village a monastery dedicated to the Archangel St Michel.
This is why we can found the archangel illustrated on our biscuits.



The story of
St Michel's Galette


Once upon a time, in 1905....  Joseph Grellier, pastry chef at Saint Michel Chef Chef (along the Brittany coast of France) had a secret recipe. In his wood-fired oven he baked some round, golden biscuits and stamped them with his seal. He called them “Galettes St Michel” and treated the local villagers to them. 


The Galettes became so popular, that one fine morning, in July,  his wife, Constance, had the idea of setting off in her cart to offer these biscuits to the fine ladies of Paris who came to bathe in the sea at the beaches along the coast. She was successful beyond her wildest dreams.